Animals confined to circus life do not have the ability to exercise their free will or live any semblance of a normal, natural life. They perform tricks out of fear of pain, suffering, and retribution, which they have endured since they were young. The circus would have you believe that it is acceptable to beat animals for entertainment and then to confine them while traveling the country for months on end. We believe that freedom matters. Do you?


Effective action for animals jailed by circuses begins with YOU. Please be a voice for the animals by getting active in your community. Conducting peaceful, educational protests is a great way to spread public awareness. We provide you with the guidance, materials, and support you need to be a powerful advocate against circus suffering. Start today to make change for animals and be their voice! 


Professionalism matters! We provide you with a wide range of custom poster designs for use at your anti-animal circus demonstrations. Posters are available for free download and printable at sizes up to 24x36" for good visibility even from long distances. We also have posters available at greatly reduced prices in our store. You can view our current selection of posters for purchase by clicking here

Stand With Us And Take The Pledge