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At your protest, separate the leafleters from the protesters holding signs so that your leafleters are more approachable. Ideally, have the leafleters distributing flyers far ahead of the main area of the protest. When circus-goers are coming from the parking lot to the circus venue, they will often assume you are promoting the circus and take the leaflet thinking that it is a coupon or guide. A useful phrase when leafleting is, "Here is some information about the circus" or simply say "Information about the circus." Asking people whether they would like some information about the circus or the animals at the circus gives them an opportunity to say no, which is what you don't want. Leafleters should smile, be friendly, and not be wearing any outward signs that they are an activist in order to achieve the best results.


Always collect discarded leaflets and reuse them or recycle, depending upon their condition.


Never, ever argue with a circus-goer about leaflets...not even if they rip it up in front of you. Confrontation is counterproductive to being a positive voice for the animals. Compassion is king.

Two versions of our leaflet are available. To save on costs, you may purchase leaflets in our store by clicking here. Or please email us for support with your protest as we may be able to provide leaflets free of charge.

Tiger Version; front and back

Circuses using tigers include Joran World Circus & Royal Hanneford.

General Circus leaflet Version; front and back

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