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Updated 5/9/22

Circuses are back on the road. Those using exotic animals include: Jordan World Circus, Loomis Bros Circus, Carden International Circus, Tarzan Zerbini Circus and Royal Hanneford Circus. Also be alert for any "Shrine Circus" as they most often have hired one of the aforementioned circuses to perform as "Shrine Circus" and will use wild animals. For more on Shrine Circuses, click here.

If a circus using animals heads to your area and you'd like to protest, get in touch. We're here to help!



May 14                   Eagle Point, OR         Culpepper & Merriweather


May 14                   Milwaukee, WI         Shrine Circus (This is a DxE protest and we are posting as a courtesy. We hold no ownership of or responsibility for this protest nor can we attest to what form this protest will take.)


May 15                    Glendale, OR           Culpepper & Merriweather


May 21                     Medford, OR           Jordan World Circus


May 24                    Longview, WA          Jordan World Circus  


May 26                    Chehalis, WA           Jordan World Circus


May 27                    Puyallup, WA           Jordan World Circus


May 31                    Lynden, WA             Jordan World Circus

June 13                     Idaho Falls, ID          Jordan World Circus