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Updated 11/9/2020


Loomis Bros Circus, Garden Bros Circus, and UniverSoul Circus have all returned to the road. Only Loomis is presently using elephants and tigers, although Garden and UniverSoul do have utilize other species in their acts. To check for protests, please keep an eye both here and on our Facebook events page

Loomis Bros is currently performing as "American Fun Circus". They have dates scheduled in central Florida and rural Alabama. Contact us if you would like to schedule a protest.


November 11                  Vero Beach, FL                          Facebook event link

November 14                  Miami, FL                                   Facebook event link

November 17-18             Daytona Beach, FL                    Facebook event link

November 19-21             West Palm Beach, FL                Facebook event link

November 22                  West Palm Beach, FL                Facebook event link

November 23-24             Kissimmee, FL                           Facebook event link

No other circuses using animals are scheduled for 2020 at this time. Once the circuses have resumed touring, we will add protest dates to this page as well as our Facebook page, as we have in the past.

We will continue to provide updates here, including announcements for if/when circuses go back out on the road. 

Please keep an eye on local mandates banning public gatherings due to COVID-19 before organizing or attending a circus protest.