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Updated 7/23/21

Due to the pandemic and the approaching summer season, there is very little circus activity using wild animals at present. 

In June/July, Culpepper & Merriweather (using big cats) have a couple of shows scheduled for Arkansas and Missouri. Loomis Bros (using elephants) is appearing intermittently. Most other circus activity during the summer is limited to circuses that either aren't using animals or are limited to performances with domestic or farmed animals. If a circus using animals heads to your area and you'd like to protest, get in touch.


July 9-10         Myrtle Beach, SC         Loomis Bros Circus (INFO)

July 15-18       Raleigh, NC                Garden Bros Circus (INFO)

August 7         Sarasota, FL                 Loomis Bros Circus (INFO)


August 27-29   New Orleans, LA         Carden International (Info forthcoming)