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Updates related to COVID-19 as of 3/17/2020:


  • Jordan World Circus has cancelled all performances through March 27th. 

  • Carden International has cancelled all Spring performances.

  • Garden Bros Circus performances in Salisbury and LaPlata, MD, Logan Township, NJ, and Washington, D.C. are postponed until May.

  • Shrine Circuses in Lincoln, NE; Grove City, Canton, and Tadmor, OH; St. Louis, MO; Fargo, ND; St. Paul, MN; Spartanburg and Anderson, SC; Salem, VA; Harrisburg, PA; Oklahoma City, OK; St. Joseph, MO; Jamestown, ND; Salinas, KS, and Hamburg, NY are postponed.

  • Culpepper & Merriweather circus has postponed March dates until Fall.

  • UniverSoul Circus has rescheduled upcoming dates until May.

  • Carson & Barnes Circus has cancelled upcoming shows. 

  • All scheduled Loomis Bros Circus are postponed until an unknown date.

We will continue to provide updates regarding cancellations here, as well as announcements for if/when circuses go back out on the road. 

Please keep an eye on local mandates banning public gatherings due to COVID-19 before organizing or attending a circus protest.