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Take Action Against Circus Cruelty


Are you ready to join the fight against circus cruelty?


1. Organize a protest in your community when the circus comes to town. First, make sure a demo isn't already scheduled by visiting our master list of circus protests, and then visit our protesting guide for more information on how to get started.


2. Create a ban on the use of wild animals in entertainment in your town, city, county, or state. Contact us for more information. 


3. Share information on circus cruelty within your social networks. Our videos are a great way to do that!


4. Sign petitions on current issues. Find our list here


5. Represent Circus Protest at a local festival. Great festivals to have tables at are: companion animal related, vegan or vegetarian festivals, environmental festivals. Email us for assistance.


6. Volunteer with CompassionWorks International, the parent nonprofit of Circus Protest. 


7. Wear a t-shirt that shares an anti-circus message. View our selection in our store.


8. Make a donation to support our work, and help us to continue to assist activists across the world combat circus cruelty in their communities. 

9. Take the pledge! Join us in saying no to ever visiting a circus using animals.

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